We all knows that Microsoft has been changed a lot in its upcoming OS Windows 8 like removal of aero effect, removal of start menu, a all new start screen and many more.
But now our question is that How To Run Dos Applications In Windows 8. But now in the tech era there are very small number of tools which requires 16 bit support but still some of these are with us like TurboC.
Running Dos Applications in a little bit tricky. Basically we need a small 3rd party tool "DosBox" to run dos applications. You can download DosBox from here:

Download DosBox

Simply download DosBox from above link and install it.
After installation, DosBox icon will appear on your deskop. Simply double click to open it.
Now its need of your basic knowledge of simple dos commands (if you are a beginner and don't know the basic commands then Go Here).

By using these commands, navigate to your application folder (where program exe is located).
For example, I have TC folder in the C:\ Drive.
Now type these commands one by one in same order:
  • Mount c c:\
  • c:\
  • cd tc\bin
 Note:  In the above case, my exe file is located in C:\tc\bin folder thats why I have used these commands, So for your exe you have to change your desired drive letter (C:\) and folder (tc\bin).

Now you are in tc\bin directory. Now simply Type your desired program name (like tc.exe) and press enter.
Thats all you have to do. You get your program open.

  • Don't press Ctrl+F9 to compile application in TurboC while using in DosBox, if you do so it will close DosBox. Alternatively you can edit dosbox,conf file placed in DosBox folder for other configuration changes.
  • To toggle between fullscreen and restore mode you can press ALT+ENTER keys.
  • Get more Shortcuts from here.

If you have any problem or hint, feel free to contact us.


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