We all knows that Microsoft is working on windows 8 and released windows 8 release preview. It contains several new changes out of them one of most important is Removal of Aero Effect from Windows 8. You can read more about here and can see the leaked pictures of Windows 8 without aero effect.
Windows 8 With No Aero Desktop Interface Screenshots Leaked
Windows 8 comes with no aero glass interface
But every customization lover needs and loves aero with its amazing transparency, So here is the simple and quick trick to "Enable Aero In Windows 8 RP". You just nees to follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to Desktop and right click here and from context menu click on Personalize.
  2. Now in personalization window click on Window Color.
  3. Select Frost/White color by clicking on it.
  4. Now drag the color intensity slider to the minimum value (left most).
  5. Now click on Save Changes.
Thats it you have done, you got it.

Note: This simple trick is given by Kapil Arya, you can visit here for a screenshot based tutorial.


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