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StarTiles : Yet Another Free Utility To Get Windows 8 Live Star Tiles Feature In Windows 7, Vista, XP

You all have heard or experience about new live tiles feature of windows 8 start menu.
Here is a small utility to get these live tiles in XP, Vista or Seven created by me named as DeskTiles.

  •  simple installation
  •  very low resources usage
  •  full notify icon functionality
  •  desktop or fullscreen view
  •  also a sidebar can be used in fullscreen view
  •  Different buttons for Showing All Tiles with Hiding All Tiles.
  •  on click to hide all tiles
  •  run on startup option
  •  simple and clean metro look

  •  show desktop - shows your clear desktop by hiding all tiles but you can still use them by notify icon
  •  my computer - opens my computer
  •  Recycle bin - opens recycle bin
  •  Date time - shows current date and time
  •  Power options - log off, restart and shutdown
  •  control panel - opens control panel
  •  internet explorer - opens internet explorer
  •  user picture - shows current user pic with user name
  •  calendar - shows calendar
  •  Notepad - opens notepad
  •  memory information - shows total and available physical memory and total and available virtual memory
  •  start menu - opens start menu
  •  google and youtube - search directly in google and youtube
  •  computer information - shows Operating system, OS platform and full user name
  •  notes - make your notes by directly click on tile and start writing
  •  website links - links to popular websites like askvg, facebook, devianart, winmatrix, softpedia, google+ ,  twitter and
  •  clipboard - shows current clipboard text and also can clear clipboard
  •  wallpaper - shows current wallpaper
  •  media player - can play mp3 songs directly without opening another player
  •  system storage - shows four drives with labels, free space and clean progress bar. You can also open drives by clicking on progress bar of respective drives.

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