[News] Windows 8 With No Aero Desktop Interface Screenshots Leaked

We all knows that Microsoft introduced aero glass effect in windows Vista and refined it in windows 7, but now news are coming that we all loose aero glass effect in Microsoft`s upcoming OS windows 8.
Windows 8 currently have aero glass feature but it seems it lacks in future versions of windows 8.
Jensen Harris, director of program management for Microsoft’s User Experience team, explains in a blog post that this idea is come for converting the windows 8 to a newer Metro UI which is just like flattened surfaces, removed reflections and a lot of gradients.

Most of the common controls (buttons, check boxes, sliders, and the Ribbon) come with an updated appearance, with squares and edges, flattened backgrounds, and tweaked colors to feel “modern and natural.”
According to Microsoft, Windows 8 comes with a new user experience which is the future of computing. The platform should play an important role in this, the Redmond-based software giant notes.

What do you like in Windows 8 : 
  • Aero with Metro
  • Only Metro
Feel free to share your views.


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