Windows 8 Aero Lite Pack For XP for transforming your windows xp to windows 8 consumer preview.
It is created by me.

This Pack includes:
  •  Aero Lite Visual Styles/Theme By Me with Betta Fish wallpaper, windows 8 cursors and shellstyle.
  •  BorderSkin with windows 8 skin By PeterRollar.
  •  Ribbon for Styler By PeterRollar.
  •  Vistart Resources By Me.

How to use the Style
  •  You need a universal theme patch to apply third party Themes.

Universal theme patcher :-->> [link]
  •  Unzip The pack with winrar or 7zip.
  •  Now You will get 4 other zip files.
  •  extract all of them in different folders.
  •  Copy Windows 8 Aero Lite Theme By Abhishek Pratap Singh folder in windir/resources/themes/ (generally it is C:/windows/resources/themes/)
  •  Use theme by opening Win8AeroLite.theme file.
  •  Use the applications which you want to get same look.
Note: Icons shown in preview are not included in pack.

Download Link

Comments and Suggestions are Most Welcome!


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