Last Week, In an Indian summit Microsoft’s CEO spoke about their product roadmap and also how they plan on further developing IT infrastructure and cloud computing in India.In this summit, Ballmer also talked about the main key role of Indian Developers, users and techies in development and success of Microsoft`s upcoming OS Windows 8.
Here is what he said,

India is obviously an incredible bastion of software development.” He added, “Living in India and living aboard, the talent base is rich and unbelievable and certainly galvanizing the developer community in India, here in Mumbai and elsewhere in the country to get excited to see the possibilities and re-imagine Windows 8”.
We have trimmed our physical server holdings from120 to merely 20 servers and expense have dropped drastically by 40 percent of our data center budget.

We hope that Windows 8 will be a great OS from Microsoft as it contains various new features like Live Screen, Removal of start menu, Quick access menu and many more and yes, the very important it also releases for ARM structure aparting x86 structure.

Let us see now the future of Windows 8. But dont shy in sharing your views.


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