Recently we blogged about "Aero Media Player" which comes with full Aero glass effect in Windows Vista and 7 And an amazing skin for xion which can be found here :

Aero Transparent WMP Xion

 Download Free Media Player with Full Aero Glass (Transparency) for Windows Vista and 7

Now its turn of another cool media player. "Mirro Player" is a free media player created by oue DA friend "dncube". This media player supports all basic media functions like play, pause, stop, volume adjustments, shuffle, etc.
The best things of this media player is its UI. As you can see by this below screenshot that it gives amazing look n feel of aero:

  • A standalone application.No Runtime required
  • Auto Playlist save. Open files with blue double music icon to the left of albumart
  • Requirements : Windows XP/Vista/7

It can be used in Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Download Link